SmrtGuard For iPhone Beta

Smrtguard, Telah rilis satu program beta untuk iphone yang mana fungsi nya sebagai fasilitas back up dan restore, Dan smrtguard klaim dapat berjalan di ios3 dan ios4.
smrtguard untuk iphone juga bisa berjalan di ipod dan ipad, Selain itu, mereka ( Baca: smrtguard ) memberikan kemudahan apabila user ingin memindahkan data ke BlackBerry atau Android.

How can I get started?

Currently, the software will work ONLY if you have been accepted into the SmrtGuard Beta Program. If you are interested in becoming our beta user, please contact


Download for iOS3
Download for iOS4


Assuming that you have gotten the beta acceptance email, simply download this zip and then follow the below steps.
1. Unzip the content of the zip file. You should see 2 files: and SmrtGuard_Beta_Provision_Profile.mobileprovision
2. Drag both files into iTunes
3. Sync your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iTune, then you will see our SmrtGuard icon.


new smrtguard user

1. Open up the SmrtGuard application on your iPhone/iPad and click on Account
2. If you are a NEW SmrtGuard user, simply click on “Start” button and create a new account, you then should see Figure A.
3. Then you will receive an email, which you need to click on a link verification link.

Existing smrtguard

1. Open up the SmrtGuard application on your iPhone/iPad and click on Account
2. If you are a EXISTING SmrtGuard user, simply click on “Device Switch” button.
3. Then you will see a web page asking you to login to device switch, see Figure C. Please log in.
4. If step 3 is successful, then go back to the Account screen and click on Start, you should see Figure B

All Set to Go

At this point, you should be all set to protect your data on your iPhone!!
Please send feedbacks and question to

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