SmileySMS + Threaded Messaging - v1.68 faor pocket pc

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SmileySMS v1.2 Screen-shot(not the latest one):

Threaded Messaging

It is highly recommended that you install this program on your device(it means not on storage card)
Although if installed on storage card,program will work,but it is not recommended.

Program Features :

- Threaded messaging available for both wm6.1 and wm6/wm5 editions.
- Works on Smartphones(Windows mobiles standard) and also PocketPC devices.
- Unlike default wm6.1 threading view,ability to forward,delete specific SMS by simply clicking on its number.
- Shows and displays ANIMATED smilies found in SMS texts in Inbox/Notifications bubbles/Thread views.
- Use smileys in compose forms,and easily send smileys.
- Assign MP3,OGG,WAV,WMA and other popular music file formats as your SMS ring tones.
- Shows pictures of contacts in SMS notification Bubbles/Forms/Threads.
- Fully customizable and skinnable.
- Remove phone number from the title of SMS notification,when the contact is known.
- Replace number in body of delivery report with the name of sender(contact).
- Easier to use menus for working with SMS notifications.
- Support for vibrate and number of seconds to vibrate.
- Bringing a menu for numbers found in your sms:"Send SMS","Save to Contacts",or "call".
- Set Zoom level of notification bubbles
- All features(including program) are configurable from control panel(Windows Settings)
- Compatible with other sms ring-tone programs like phonealarm.
- WM5.0 like notifications for WM2003 users.

If you want to install this program on your smartphone make sure it is unlocked.And you can install and run priviligaed programs.To know it the best way is to install program and see if it works(after soft reset)

To change program settings you have to go to "Settings" or "Control Panel"of your device and in"System" section of it,you'll find SmileySMS settings.
If before installing the program you opened the settings,you have to reset the device for settings to show up.
Also if you have sent/received SMSs before installing program,you have to do reset too!

This program is a plug-in for default Mailbox program(Messaging),and whenever you receive an sms this program shows special notification message.
This program does not change your SMSes.So you can easily disable or uninstall it.

---------------------WM5/WM6 users ----------------------------
By default(if you install on storage card) program only shows those sms' in inbox with smiley after you have installed the program.
But to make it show all you previous SMSs too,just uncheck and check again "Inbox Smiley Forms" from program settings.
You will then be able to see all SMSs with smilies in your inbox.(if you install program on your device instead of storage card,hopefully program will work on installation and there is no need for this)

---------------------Smartphone users ----------------------------
Just make sure your device is unlocked to run this program.
Also for now program does not show a bubble.Next versions will.

----------------------WM2003 users--------------------------------
There are known problems when you forward a message using this program,especially if your message has " or ' in it,the forwarded message then it will not contain all the text you want to forward.
So it is better to use copy and paste and using reply command.
WM2003 is no more supported.

---------------------- FAQ --------------------------------

Q: Should i download from links or attachments?
A: No difference.Both will work.

Q: How should i install this .cab file?When i click on it on my PC nothing happens?
A: This file is intended for running INSIDE your Pocket-PC.Copy it(via active sync or any other methods)into your device and run it there using file explorer or any other method.

Q: I get an error while installing this program.
A: Make sure inbox program is closed and you have more than 4-5mg of free memory.
If these were not your issues,try using "_noxml" version of program.Maybe it'll work.

Q :Where is this program's shortcut or settings?
A: It must be shown in your settings.But if you have previously ran Settings,it wont show up,and you are required to restart your device.(Do a soft-reset).
Also there is no settings have to change it manually by use of registery editor.

Q: How can i use smileys in compose forms?
A: By default this settings is not enabled.(because it is in beta).Go to settings and enable "Compose Form enhancements".

Q: Does this program modify my Text messages in inbox?
A: No it doesn't.You shouldn't have any problems with syncing or anything else.

Q: How can i disable text messages bubbles from showing?
A: Go to settings and disable "Show SMS Smiley Bubble notification" and "Show original SMS notification"

Q: Is this program compatible with phonealarm?
A: Yes.just enable compatibility option in settings.But sometimes when you receive 2-3 sms message just at once and you keep them,you wont be hearing future sms tones,so please make sure you you let notifications go after you've done with them.

Q: Does threaded messaging work on wm5 or wm6?
A: If your system is wm6.1 or higher it will be enabled by default.
But if you are using wm5 or wm6 you should enabled it in "advanced" section of program's settings.(Accessible via windows settings)
Clicking on any message will bring the latest SMS chats you had with that person.

Q: Why should i prefer installing this application on my device and not storage card?
A: because if you remove your storage card and you receive a message,i really don't know what happens!!So it is best not to try.

I hope you enjoy it.

Roozbeh GHolizadeh

Note :
Only install no security version if you have problems with normal one!!

Download This Latest version - Also available in attachments

---------------------------------- v1.68 --------------------------
WM5.0 - WM6.0 - Download this one first!

WM5.0 - WM6.0 - no security - Download this one if you get errors from previous one!

---------------------------------- Older versions history--------------
------------------------Use only if you have a reason for that!--------

---------------------------------- v1.66 --------------------------
WM5.0 - WM6.0 - Download this one first!

WM5.0 - WM6.0 - no security - Download this one if you get errors from previous one!

---------------------------------- v1.62 --------------------------
WM5.0 - WM6.0 - Download this one first!

WM5.0 - WM6.0 - no security - Download this one if you get errors from previous one!

---------------------------------- v1.57 --------------------------
WM5.0 - WM6.0

WM5.0 - WM6.0 - no security


Sorry,probably will be discontinued
---------------------------------- v1.54 (beta)--------------------------

WM5.0 - no security


Sorry,probably will be discontinued
---------------------------------- v1.53 --------------------------------



---------------------------------- v1.51 --------------------------------



---------------------------------- v1.2 --------------------------------
Download WM5.0 version :

Download Pocket PC 2003 version :

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