[Hacked] Adfly Click Bot

Hey everyone!

I finally got around to releasing a decent version of my adf.ly bot that clicks the links without need of a WebBrowser/IE. It is just 3 HttpRequests per click making my bot the fastest out of all of the adfly bots.

Because I am not using IE, you DO NOT have to sign into your account to use. I don't need to access your account information for any reason.
How I did it:
I have connections within adfly, I can't release my contact name. He told me the encryption codes for sending the post data and I just had to write the bot to make it pretty.
This is version 0.1. I plan on making updates as time progresses. The adfly's encryption scheme is dynamic, so if adfly changes something I will have update the software. Please let me know if you have any issues by posting in this link.

My connection told me that ONE ip can click 3 links, so my bot allows you to have 3 links, which it will click with each proxy IP.

Proxies on Adfly are tricky, just because adfly has their own database/technique of detecting them. Sometimes links wont count as clicks, because they detected you were using a proxy (and they don't have any advertisers paying for proxies?).

Developing bots for adf.ly are tricky, just because it will only validate 3 clicks per day per IP. So I really only get 3 tries each day to test and see if this works.

Up and Coming features:

* Console version with command line arguments
* Shrink to taskbar
* Better thread management and status updates.

I would appreciate it if you registered your account using my app, because it uses my referral ID.

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[Hacked] Adfly Click Bot
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